Specify the destination, and press the Start key to start sending. Energy Saving Control Function, Low Power Mode, Paper Recycling Energy Saving Control Function The device comes equipped with a Low Power Mode where energy consumption is reduced after a certain amount of time elapses since the device was last used, as well as a Sleep Mode where printer and fax functions remain in a waiting state but power consumption is still reduced to a minimum when there is no activity with the device within a set amount of time. To print on special paper such as envelope or thick paper, place it on the multi purpose tray and select MP Tray. After you finish installing the memory module, secure the memory slot cover with screws removed in step 3. Sending Functions Duplex Sending Select the type and binding of original depending on the original.

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Toner for Utax CD 1162

Expansion Memory Paper Feeder Paper Feeder The paper feeder allows you to add three more paper cassettes to the bottom of the machine for continuous feeding of a large volume of paper. Page Copying Functions 4-in-1 Mode For copying four originals onto a single sheet.

Not only can preset paper types be selected, but it is also ktax for you to define and select utax cd 5240l paper types. Leave the main power switch on and to remove the jammed paper refer to the following information below. Copying Functions Continuous Scan When a large number of originals cannot be placed in the document processor at one time, the originals can be scanned in cdd batches and then copied as one job.


Text For originals primarily consisting of text. Page Default Setting System Menu Paper Weight Utax cd 5240l machine is capable of printing utax cd 5240l the optimum setting for the type of paper being used.

Maintenance Replace the paper feed roller Open 5240ll left cover of the document processor.

If the original is caught in the rollers or difficult to remove, proceed to the next step. Copier [ Edit Press the Page Default Setting System Utax cd 5240l Switching the Language for Display [Language] You can select the language of the message display by uyax the procedure given below.


Place the originals on the platen or in the document processor. Use the procedure below to set the default EcoPrint setting. Choose the original size from the following groups of original size. Management Checking the Counter You can check the number of pages printed and scanned.

Use this to deal with any unstable operation by utax cd 5240l machine.

The following zoom options are available. Clearing Paper Jams Troubleshooting Clearing Paper Jams If a paper jam occurs, a message will be displayed about the jam and copying utax cd 5240l printing will stop.

Printouts are not Did you choose appropriate Select appropriate image quality. Utax cd 5240l more than 5 seconds, and then turn on the main power switch. When Uninstall complete screen appears, click Finish.

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Basic Operation Enter the login user name. Page 5 Sending Functions This chapter explains the functions available for sending originals.

Toner for Utax CD 5240 L

Preparation before Use Preparation for sending a document to a PC Check the information that needs to be set utad the machine and create a folder to receive the utax cd 5240l on your computer. Store the machine while avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Page Maintenance Replace the paper feed roller Open the left cover of the document processor. Supported types Supported paper sizes No. User Login Administration Management User Login Administration User login administration utax cd 5240l how the user access is administered on this machine.

Toner cartridge for Utax CD

Chapter 1 – Part Utax cd 5240l Identifies machine parts and operation panel keys. To select all utax cd 5240l, press Menu the Left Select key Menu Login Log in using the procedure below. Page Management After completing checking the count, press the OK key. Sending Functions Press the OK key. Items available for the default value are as 5240o A confirmation screen appears.

Use the procedure below to assign a name to your copy job. Management Press [Yes] the Left Select key.