Printhead Operation Printhead Operation When the printhead is idle, the armature is attracted to the permanent magnet. Does the platen rotate smoothly? The serial data from the LSI 02D: Find the RAP which is associated with the printer’s problem. Use a straight-slot screwdriver to release the four claws 1 of the gear case assembly 2. Lift and remove the front pressure springs 3A and 3B. The force required to drive the ribbon is obtained from the space motor.

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The line feed motor will feed the paper until the leading edge of the mircoline to the top of form position. The drive gear turns the pin tractor belts on the bottom tractor feed unit to feed the continuous paper. Upper RSPL 3. Left Ground Plate 3. Make sure the carriage cable is properly connected to the space motor oki microline 590 and Oki microline 590 on the main control board.

Remove the release cam 2. The LSI transmits the print data as serial data to the logic circuit of the printhead.


Okidata Microline Printer – Grade A ()

One of the menu selections that may 950 set by the end user is the operator panel function. Do not disassemble the unit if it oki microline 590 operating normally. This is the medium size, thick cam.

Here is a description of how the ribbon holder is shifted. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Selects Item Value Exit: To reset the menu to factory default settings: The claw is accessed from inside the unit. Control Board to Printhead Note: Start Here Flowchart 4. Gear Case Assembly oki microline 590. Idle Gear And Change Lever 3. Nothing happens when the unit is powered on.

Power OFF the printer. MSM79V oki microline 590 these edge pulse signals the frequency division is based on the selected print pitch to generate the signal IPT. Verify that both ends of the carriage cable are connected correctly.

This will disengage the adjust gear from oki microline 590 gear D. Check the tension of all the front pressure rollers to see if they are the same.


Oki Microline 590 Maintenance Manual

Check operation before replacing next item in list. Pull Tractor Kit 1. After that, you must remove the platen knob, and then push the change lever down.

The first page does not line up correctly. Encoder Disk Encoder Disk As the space mlcroline operates, the encoder disk spins. The Adjustment measures 0.

Position the unit so you can access the top and bottom of the leaf spring 1. Oki microline 590 Okidata technology does away with the manual head gap adjustment. O,i initialization string contains codes that reset the printer to a default set of features. Please read through this entire procedure before performing it. Turn the oki microline 590 release gear arm 1 until it is disengaged.

Page Replace the main control board.