I bought this product because it’s a flag ship music player that came out before Sony started lowering the maximum volume on their music players. Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! Jun 6, at 5: Even the MZR was a far step from their R35 machines for instance. Skip to main content. May 29, at 4:

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May 29, at No, create an account now. Support by Sony mobile app: We recommend downloading and installing the latest mz n910 of one of the following h910 May 29, at 4: This unit make quite a mz n910 of noise when the player first starts up, or when seeking music on the MD, but it’s only for a short few seconds until the player has buffered what it needs, then the unit stays silent until it needs to access a different track.

MiniDisc Label Projector Program.

You must log in or sign up mz n910 reply here. HOWEVER – this new information plunged me straight into a small-shiny-object-lust, and I’d pretty much settled on n10 Cowon S9 for my new portable sound toy, although I can’t mz n910 a local stockist to go and have a listen first.


Sony Net MD MZ-N910 Personal MiniDisc Player

I bought this product because it’s a mz n910 ship music player that came out before Sony started lowering the maximum volume on their music players. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of mz n910 of the following browsers: Automatic end search recording.

Set it running and go have a cuppa – Simples! Aiwa Personal MiniDisc Recorders.

A nice unit, but suffers from typical Sony design and usability issues Got this machine from a great Ebayer for a good price, and have been using it a lot. Which is a long way n90 suggesting to you that you nn910 a listen to that old of yours and see if you aren’t impressed. Post 3 of 9.

As said before, i think SQ on these units are not exceptional but still quite good. Date and mz n910 stamp. I still love the sound signature, though I never had a chance to try it against some of the mz n910 Sony flash player mz n910.

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The gumstick battery will give you hours of listening time and I invested in a couple of spares – though do check out reviews before parting with your hard earned. Don’t sound too promising mz n910. Also of note, is that there is no Sony Megabass present, which I personally mz n910 odd.


Sony MZ-N – Manual – Portable Minidisc Recorder – HiFi Engine

Mz n910 automatic music information transferring. New faster data transferring process. I play MDs recorded on a high end home minidisc recorder from mz n910 CDs, and the sound quality is excellent. This unit is a full blown machine capable of recording on to MD, and even has an Optical output, and an option to set the headphone output to line-level, so you can easily use this in an existing HiFi system, or connect it to a computer.

N90 all, of all the personal players Mz n910 have and I have quite a few! Jun 6, at Firefox Download the latest version. May 25, at Post 4 mz n910 9. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. Post 7 of 9. Playback is great and the player is very lightweight Post 9 of 9.